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Clearing out duplicates in MSIX

As we march ever closer to producing child counts off MSIX, it will become increasingly important to make sure the data up there is accurate. That's the better part of what the MSIX team has been doing with the child count reconciliation project that many of you have been involved in. One aspect of that process is making sure you don't have a bunch of duplicate records on MSIX. There are two ways to have duplicates:

  • You can have multiple MIS2000 IDs connected to a single MSIX ID.
  • Or you can have a single MIS2000 ID connected to multiple MSIX IDs.

Either way, we'll have to sort it out. You can see both categories of duplicates if you log into the MSIX Reporting area and run the Potential Duplicates report.

If you only have a few in either category, it's likely to reflect just matches that need some human resolution and may be in your worklist. But if you have a surprising amount, they could be due to issues that arose in your old data system if you had something before MIS2000, or even bugs in MIS2000 that may have caused duplicates here and there over the years.

I've put a lot of effort over the past six months or so into developing a process for getting these lists cleared out. Usually it's possible to do this with little or no human intervention. Take a look at the reports in your own state, and if you'd like to discuss next steps, let me know.

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