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Name Role Email Phone
Contracts and Billing   billing@msedd.com 501-801-2500 x1
Customer and User Support   support@msedd.com 501-801-2500 x3
FAX     (501) 801-8225
Marcy Bolt Reports, Training, and Support mbolt@msedd.com 501-801-2500 x5
Jay Dickerson Technical and Data Entry Support jdickers@msedd.com 501-801-2500 x3
Kevin Donn President kdonn@msedd.com 501-801-2500 x1
Natash Donn Contracts and Billing ndonn@msedd.com 501-801-2500 x4
Jeff Gaiche Development and Software Requests jgaiche@msedd.com 501-801-2500 x6
Kati Gordon Reports, Training, Support kgordon@msedd.com 501-801-2500 x7
Sales and Information   sales@msedd.com 501-801-2500 x1
Toll Free     800-915-9669




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