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Integrating MIS2000 with Single-Sign-On

You may have already run into sites around the internet where you can log in with your Facebook account or your Google or Microsoft account. Like at Rotten Tomatoes you can log in with Facebook:

It's sometimes called "single-sign-on" and is a convenient way to avoid creating accounts all over the place and having to manage passwords at lots of different sites.

States are starting to do the same thing with the websites for their systems and MIS2000 is ready for this. For example in Kansas, they have a page that looks like this:

Once you log in here, you'll be able to get to all the web apps you need in the KSDE without having to log in to each separately. In Kansas, MIS2000 is one of those apps.

If you already have a system like this in your state and you'd like to investigate how to get MIS2000 integrated, let us know and we'll work through it with you.

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