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Single Sign On With Azure Active Directory

I'm sure most of you are familiar with Single Sign On. This is where you'll sign in once to your state and then you can connect to all the apps you need without signing in again. We've implemented a couple different approaches to this in Kansas and New Jersey in the past, but both Kentucky and South Dakota are using Microsoft's Azure Active Directory to control logins in their state and wanted us to integrate with it. We went production in South Dakota a few weeks ago, and we've completed a couple of production tests in Kentucky but haven't gone full production quite yet. I'm sure we will in the next couple of weeks.

So what does all this mean? MIS2000 ordinarily logs users in with a screen like this:

You enter your user name (Email Address) and password, and voila, you're logged in. But in South Dakota, they'll now see something more like this:

And then the good ol' Microsoft login screen that many of you will be familiar with:

And then finally a multi-factor page, which is optional in each state:

And then regular ol' MIS2000:

So if your state is using Microsoft authentication, we should now be able to integrate with it fairly easily.

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