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Update Regarding Tornado Damage at MS/EdD

On Friday, March 31, Little Rock, AR was hit by a EF3 tornado which was on the ground from West Little Rock and moved across the city, into North Little Rock and eventually into Sherwood, where the MS/EdD offices are located. The tornado grazed the MS/EdD office building, but luckily we did not have any significant damage. A couple hundred feet away however, there was significant damage. Utility crews have been working since to clear downed trees and restore utilities, but as of today, Sunday, April 2, we don't have an ETA for restoration of power or internet services. Because of that, our email server is temporarily unavailable and we are unable to receive or send email through the msedd.com server at this time. All hosted client services are in AWS, and are unaffected by the power outage. Please bear with us as our utilities are restored and we are able to get our lines of communication functioning again.

Thank you - The MS/EdD Team

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