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Huge Speed Improvement for Upload Processing

Tl;dr - your uploads should be much faster after you get your next release.

The boring bits - so yeah, when you do an upload in MIS2000 (a few web-only states are saying, "What's an upload?"), a whole slew of code tables get sent back down to your machine in the response file. Some of these code tables have gotten very large over the years in the classic frog boiling in water style, and now your uploads do nothing so much as load up code tables that you pretty much already have. This really affects the states who have been with us for decades. I'm sorry.

But I've now added in support for partial code table downloads, so that some of the most affected states (Arkansas, Kentucky, New York) should see a dramatic reduction in the size of their response files, and a consequent speed up in how long they take to process. It will be as much as 10x for some of you. I'm going to call this the Will Messier Enhancement. I know it won't make him completely giddy, but I think he'll like it.

Now remember, you won't see the speed increase until you get your next release of MIS2000.

Thank you for your patience, and now back to your regularly scheduled program. (Young readers are saying, "What does that even mean? How old is this guy?")

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