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COE Certification Redirects and Vacation Routing

This has actually been a long time coming. It has always been a bit of a problem dealing with certification routing when people leave or go on vacation or whatever. I covered one approach to dealing with it last year in my post on COE Approval Routing and Ownership, but that only works for states who are using this newer style of routing. Most states continue to use the older person-to-person style routing that is really sensitive to personnel turnover and absences.

But we finally have a solution, although there's no way for me to really show it to you. Basically it allows us to put in routing rules that say "Anything that was routed to Walter should now be routed to Juanita". But I think the cooler part is that we can put a "Good Until" date on it so that it starts and stops on specific dates. It allows you to plan for someone's absence and for their return.

Like I said, we don't have a user interface for this yet, and we may never do one, so for now you'll just have to contact us if you'd like us to set one of these up. Once we get a feel for how it's used in practice, we may develop a user interface so that people can set it up on their own.

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