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Copying Students from One List to Another

This started out as a request from Cristi Privado in South Carolina. She had asked for a way to duplicate a Student List in the web app. In talking through the problem she was trying to solve and looking through what functionality we had lying around, I discovered we had something that pretty much would solve the problem that had been in the app for years. The only problem was that it didn't work. When I fixed the bug and showed it to Cristi, she reported back that it looked like it would address her problem well. So here's basically how it works.

Imagine you've got a list of students and you'd like to get some or all of them into another list. Here's what that might look like:

You can simply expand one of the lists and select the students you want to copy like so:

Then you can use the hamburger menu to add the selected students to another list like this:

And that's it. You can try this yourself in the Indiana demo here.

This bug only got fixed on 1/27/2022, so unless you have a later release, it still won't work right in your web app. It doesn't hurt anything. It just doesn't do anything at all. You can always check your release date by hovering your mouse over the "MS/EdD" link in the footer like so:

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