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New Web Mass Enroll Features

Since the last post on Mass Enroll for the web app here, I've added a couple new fields that can be used to enhance how enrollments and withdrawals are done. There's now a checkbox that controls whether the "New Grade" column is used at all. If you uncheck this box, the previous grade will be used on any new Enrollments. There's also a "New Enroll Type" dropdown that will put an enroll type on new Enrollments instead of bringing forward the enroll type on the old Enrollment. And there's a "New Residency Verification Date" that will cause new Enrollments to have this date. Here's what they all look like:

You can play with it yourself by visiting the Indiana demo here. You won't necessarily see these new features in your web system. All of them have to be enabled. If you'd like us to enable them for your state, just let us know.

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