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Welcome Georgia and New Jersey!

Both of these states have, in their own way, been a long time coming. But I'm pleased to announce that they're both fully in production and fully recertified and connected to MSIX at this point. In some ways, these two states were mirror images of each other, in terms of what took the most time to get done. In New Jersey, Tony Hearn and I started talking three years ago about migrating to MIS2000. The procurement process in New Jersey is pretty, ummm, intense let's say. And it took us a long time to finally jump through all the bureaucratic hoops that were presented to us. But we got there, and once we did, we jumped all the hurdles to get to full production pretty quickly and smoothly. I especially thank Kathy Ehling and Pheobie Thomas for their patience throughout.

And then in the middle of trying to get approved as a vendor in New Jersey, Georgia published an RFP, evaluated responses, and awarded a contract so quick it made our heads spin. But then we began a very long process of trying to get their data right where they wanted it before fully connecting to MSIX. I can't give Yesica Ordonez enough kudos for being so thorough. It can be frustrating at times, but the thoroughness generally pays solid dividends. And I also very much appreciate the involvement and patience of Margarita Munoz and John Wight as well.

If you talk to the folks in New Jersey or Georgia, please welcome them to the MIS2000 family of states and let them know that everything settles down eventually.

Hopefully, I'll be able to make some more announcements like this in the not too distant future.

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