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Assessment Interpretation and MSIX

MSIX sent out an email back in August about new values that were being supported for Assessment Type and Assessment Interpretation. In case you missed that, here's a screen capture:

So I finally got around to allowing the new Assessment Types 09, 10, and 11 in MIS2000 and adding validation for the new "Proficient or Above" Interpretation value. But it's important to understand that MIS2000 doesn't just automatically know which Assessment Interpretations should be "Proficient or Above" unless you're putting your assessments in that way or unless you've provided a mapping. And you can easily provide those mappings by using the Code Table editor in your MIS2000 web app.

You can simply pull down the Admin menu and select Codes then "Test Interpretation Code". You won't all have access to this, but you can play with it in the demo app here. It looks like this:

Then you can edit any interpretation in the table to fill in the "MSIX Value" for any interpretation like so:

So in this example, whatever you put in for "MSIX Value" is what will be sent to MSIX for any test in MIS2000 that has an assessment interpretation of "Advanced".

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