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COE Work Item Emails Now Go Out Immediately

I've been putting in a lot of effort over the past year or so to completely overhaul how we deal with emails from MS/EdD staff, our blog service, and automated emails from the MIS2000 system. It turns out that emails are just complicated and I've learned more than I ever, ever wanted to know about them. But I'm definitely getting everything tightened up. This got me brave enough to enable some functionality that I actually wrote a long time ago but have been too chicken to actually turn on.

So if you're not familiar with the COE work items emails, you may want to review my COE Work Item Notifications post from last year. At that time, emails went out on a schedule, by default just once a day in the middle of the night. But now emails will go out pretty much as soon as the server knows about them, which means immediately for the web app and as soon as they're uploaded for the recruiter/desktop app. There's actually a five minute delay before they go out for both of these. And it only works for uploads from the new app, not the old app.

This will take effect with your next release. Let me know if you see problems!

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