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Full COE Approvals in the Web App

This bit of functionality has been a long time coming, probably longer than any other bit. But it has finally arrived. We've long had the ability to add COEs through the web app, including the collection of signatures on something like a Surface or iPad, but we've only had limited ability for those COEs to go through the approval process fully within the web app. In most states, they'd have to take a detour through one of the desktop apps (old or new) to do the student resolution step. We added this in for Michigan early this year and it has been run through the wringer since then. Massachusetts is using it as well, and we're ready to open it up to any state that wants it at this point.

Here's what it looks like in Michigan:

Michigan is a little unusual in that they do their student search step during the initial entry of the COE, although this will probably change as they put MIS2000 in the hands of recruiters. So above, when adding a new student, they're shown a search window. If they find the student they're looking for, they can click "Add this student", but otherwise, they click "New Student". It works basically exactly the way it does in the new app.

The entire rest of the COE Approval process is available as well, including the ability to add log entries and control which fields can be edited at each step.

You can play around with it for yourself here.

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