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Student Scrolling in the Web App

This has been overdue for a long time. It had been on my ToDo List for years, but I had never gotten around to actually implementing it, mainly because it seemed kinda hard and no one had ever actually asked for it. But once again, Adrian in Indiana asked for it so I bumped the priority on it and got it done. It's not nearly as perfect as I would like it to be, but it's much, much better than what we had before.

So basically, now whenever you're on the Search page, looking at Students, COEs, or Lists, you can click into a Student and then scroll through the other related Students without having to go back to the search. The Search looks like this:

So if you click the "hamburger" menu on the right and then "Edit Student", you'll be taken here:

But notice the little scrolling controls, marked in yellow above. You can now go forward and backwards through the rest of the students on the Search page. And it works for Students on COEs as well, like this:

If you click the expander arrow to the left of any COE, you can see all the Students on that COE. Then if you edit one, you can scroll through the others right from the Student view.

And it works for Student Lists as well:

Two things that it doesn't do that were just way too complicated to work through are 1) it doesn't honor the sort order on the original Search, and 2) it only scrolls through the Students actually visible in the Search - if the Search has multiple pages of results, you can only scroll through the visible page.

Still though, I'm very happy with how it works and I hope you will be as well. This began shipping in June, so if you don't already have it, you should see it in your next release.

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