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MSIX Invalid Values Reports

The MSIX system has been providing enhanced error reports for submitted files for quite some time. They originally only sent the files known as SSORI which only contained very basic error information. But a few years ago they started to send the SSOREI files that have much more detailed error information in them. My initial implementation for processing these SSOREI files would simply bundle up the various errors and submit them to our status logging system which would in turn send them to me in an email. For a couple years after that, I contacted states personally whenever I got reports from MSIX about "invalid values" in the submission files, and we would work through the issues together.

I finally resolved I had seen a good enough sampling of what all could be reported in these files and decided to have the reports go directly to the states from here on out. A few of you have already seen emails like this, but they basically look like this:

Sometimes they point out real problems, but sometimes they don't. Like in the one above, it's possible that MIS2000 has more recent schools data than MSIX has. This is a fairly common occurrence since we typically get our schools data directly from the state and MSIX gets theirs from NCES.

Also sometimes you might see an email about MSIX IDs. These will usually take care of themselves. If you get an MSIX ID error email repeatedly for the same MSIX ID over the course of weeks or months, there's probably a real problem.

So anyway, don't be alarmed if you get these. If you want help understanding them or working through them, just reply to the email and we'll assist.

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