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Please Welcome Kati Gordon to our Team

We've got a new person here at MS/EdD, which is pretty exciting for us. Jeff no longer has to be the "new hire" now that he's been here for fifteen years. You may have noticed that we've tried on a couple new people over the past year or so, but they just didn't seem to fit. But we think Kati will be here a while and we think you're going to like her. It will take us some time to get her fully up to speed, so try to be gentle during that period. But she's a fast learner and should be an increasingly visible presence to all of you. She's got more degrees than any decent person should have, some hopefully useful experience in the wide world of education, and I'm told she speaks a bit of Spanish although you couldn't prove it by me. She'll be working the ground somewhat between Jay and Marcy while trying to learn from both.

If you feel like saying hi, you can drop her a line at kgordon@msedd.com (or kati.gordon@msedd.com if that makes it easier to remember). And we haven't gotten her on the phone autoattendant greeting yet, but menu option 7 will get you to her.

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