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Many of you have heard us say something like, "This will go out in your next release." Whenever we do some kind of enhancement or change for your state, we'll typically "check it in" which makes it ready to be shipped out. But it may be days, weeks, or sometimes even months before it will actually show up in your production system. So you might not always know when to go looking for whatever the change was. But if you go to your MIS2000 web application, you can always see the current release date of your system. Many of you use the MIS2000 web application every day, but if you're not familiar with it, you can just go to <your state>.msedd.com to see it. For example, in Alabama you'd go to al.msedd.com. Or in Minnesota, it would be mn.msedd.com.

Once you're looking at the web app, there's our little "made by" message in the lower right corner of the app, like this:

And then if you hover your mouse pointer over the "MIS 2000 by MS/EdD" text, another little message will pop up to show you when your system was last built:

Handy dandy. So if we told you on May 25 that a new feature would be out in the next release, but your release date says 4/6/2020, then you definitely will not have that new feature yet.

You can always request a new release from us whenever you like as well.

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