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Finishing up the Messages Overhaul

I mentioned a couple posts ago that we were overhauling flash messages in the web app: Spiffy New Flash Messages! We've now completed that effort. The most noticeable change is that messages will no longer auto-hide and they'll be "stuck" to the top of the window instead of stuck to the top of the page. This means they'll always be visible regardless of how you've scrolled or how long ago they were displayed. So now when a message first displays, it might look like this:

But once you've scrolled the page down, it will stay stuck to the top of the window like this:

We've also introduce a new kind of message that will display as you move around in the web app from page to page until you either clear it or visit the page that it's talking about. We only have a couple states that are making use of this kind of thing right now, but I think we'll start to work more of this into the app for all the states. It looks like this right now:

I'll keep posting about this as we continue to develop it.

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