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Autologout Completely Rewritten

I'm not even going to dig back through my old blog posts to see what I've written about autologout in the past. Suffice it to say it has never worked well and I've been hating it as long as anyone else. It just had all sorts of issues. So a few weeks ago I buckled down and completely rewrote the whole thing from scratch. And I think it's going to be much, much better now. Basically, just about anything counts as "activity" now. If you type anything into the page or move your mouse over it in any way, it will recognize that you're there and keep your connection to the server alive.

If it doesn't see any "signs of life" from you for fifteen minutes, it will show a small banner across the top of the page like this:

And it will begin a five-minute countdown. Again, if you do pretty much anything - type anything or just move your mouse over the window - the countdown will stop, the banner will go away, and the system will know you're there and keep your connection to the server alive. But if it doesn't get any activity during the countdown, then it will log you off. And yes, if you have unsaved work, you'll lose it. Maybe that's for the next major overhaul of the thing.

If you got the release of this anywhere from 3/5/20 when it first went out until 4/3/20, then it doesn't handle multiple tabs very well. If you have a tab open that isn't getting any activity from you, but you're actively working in another tab, the neglected one will still wind up logging both of them out. I've fixed that just last week so that the tabs will communicate with each other now and if any of them see activity, it counts for all of them.

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