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COE Work Item Notifications

We've had for a few years in MIS2000 the ability to send out emails to people about events that have happened in the system. The earliest example of this is the "COEs Needing Attention" email that looks like this:

Several states have all sorts of different kinds of emails that go out like this, and they're highly customized about what goes out and to whom.

But one thing that has been pretty consistent across all of them is when they go out. By default, they get sent out once a day in the middle of the night. This is actually ideal for some states, but not others. So we've been trying to work in some rules to send out the emails at different times so that people get a more timely notification about things that are important to them. And so far, I don't think I've found the magic that works for everyone. I actually got a rather alarming education that one size definitely doesn't fit all in this particular case when the patient folks in Alaska were getting emails every few minutes. So since then, I've been slowly rolling out to states some updated functionality about sending these emails out.

I guess the bottom line is that if you find yourself getting spammed by the system over the coming months, I apologize in advance, but definitely don't stay quiet about it. Let me know that we need to tweak your system to get things more dialed in.

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