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Spiffy New Menu!

Some of you may have noticed our spiffy new menu in the web app that looks like this:

The old menu looked like this:

And you may find yourself wondering, "Sure it's spiffy, but why always changing things?!" I know I wind up thinking the same thing pretty regularly whenever one of my favorite web sites unveils their latest design overhaul. I don't know what always motivates things like this, but in our case we were having difficulties taking our old menu to the next level of ADA compliance. So we decided to just completely overhaul it. Personally, I think it looks better now too, and it definitely works better. We've still got some tweaking to do on it, but it's already working its way out into production. There will probably be quite a few tweaks like this over the coming months as we modernize different aspects of the web app. So if, like me, you hate change, I apologize in advance, but sometimes things just have to move forward. That's just how software is these days.

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