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Controlling Available Enrollments in the Web App

States have varying needs about which Enrollments should be displayed on the Student page in the web app. There are states who show all enrollments for a student and states that only show the most recent enrollment for a student. Some states have altered which enrollments they display based upon the Role of the User. Just to make clear which part of the app I'm talking about, here's a screenshot:

You can take a look at this enrollment here. Historically New York has been a state that only shows the latest enrollment. This makes the web app simpler for new users, but it presents difficulties whenever the student gets a new enrollment, particularly when providers still need to add services to the previous enrollment. We've take various stabs at dealing with the issue several times over the years in different states with various degrees of success, but I think the latest approach we're using in New York is pretty nice. The design was pretty much Odilia Coffta's idea, so all credit due to her.

We had toyed around with making the two most recent enrollments available, instead of only the most recent, for a period in the fall, but this really didn't quite get it for students who were moving at other times of the year. So we finally decided to have enrollments be available based upon how new the current enrollment is. In other words, when a new enrollment goes on for a student, the previous enrollment continues to be available for a month or two after that. This gives service providers some time to get their last entries put on against the old enrollment. It works pretty nicely. We've already extended this implementation out to Wisconsin to do something similar but not exactly the same.

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