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Exporting Student Lists in the Web App

If you're not already up to speed about how Student Lists work in the web app, you can look at this post for an overview. So thanks to the gals in the Minnesota MEP, we have a new Student List feature - exporting to Excel. You can access it from the Student List menu on the Search page like this:

It will prompt you to save out the CSV file. Just writing this blog post I realized I had a little bug. It's supposed to give the Excel file the same name as your list, but if your list has multiple words in it, it's only using the first word for the name. That fix will go out in your next release.

And it also works for Ad Hoc lists. If you're not familiar with those, check out this post. For Ad Hoc lists you get to it this way:

I've still got live list sharing as one of the most requested To Do items, so I haven't forgotten that. This at least gives everyone a basic way to share a list.

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