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Paperless COEs with the MIS2000 web app

Alaska has been using the MIS2000 web app to enter COEs for quite some time now, but it has been as a replacement for entering COEs in the desktop app. The COEs are still originally collected on paper along with the signatures. But earlier this year, Massachusetts became the first MIS2000 state to begin collecting their COEs directly in the web app, signatures and all. It's not quite as flexible as the tablet app because it does require recruiters to have internet access while the COE is being entered, but it does make it possible to collect COEs on pretty much any iPad, Surface, or Android tablet device. The signature collection piece looks like this:

Approving COEs Via the Web

We've been adding a lot of new features to the MIS2000 web app and I'll be covering some of the other big ones in future blog entries, but today I'd like to talk about using the web in your COE verification and approval processs. Most states use the MIS2000 tablet system and almost all of them use the approval process. Until recently, the entire approval COE process had to be carried out in the old desktop application. Most verifiers just review the data on the COE and then either reject it or send it on up the chain with remarks. There's really no editing involved, so for many of them, having a full desktop install of MIS2000 is way more than they need.

Alabama MIS2000 updates their state migrant flag

Last year Alabama became the first MIS2000 state to introduce a fully automated way to set the migrant flag in their state student data system using MIS2000. It has been working smoothly in production for nearly a year now and we're starting to use this same approach in other states to allow MIS2000 to integrate more tightly with other state systems. For Alabama, we basically just hammered out a Snap Report that could be run at any time to produce a list of currently eligible migrant students that the state was interested in. Then we turned that into a web service. See my earlier blog post about how Maine is using Snap Reports as web services. From there we gave their IT folks a way to access the web service.

Welcome Arizona!

We've been working rather quietly (but frantically) to bring Arizona up on MIS2000 over the past couple of months, and I think we're finally far enough along to announce it. Everyone involved with the AZ MEP, but especially Mary, Patrick, and Laura, and have been remarkably patient and tireless in working out the myriad issues that have to be sorted to bring up a new system.

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