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Welcome Michigan!

In keeping with my policy to never welcome a new state until we've got them up and in production, I can now extend a warm MIS2000 welcome to the Michigan MEP! Although it seems like we've been working with them for about ten years already. And also that it seems like we're only about halfway there. But nevertheless it's a significant milestone. So if you see Michelle or Bruce or any other Michigan MEP team member at NASDME, please help me to welcome them aboard.

Enrollment Filtering in the New App

Because the new desktop app is capable of displaying just so much information in a single page, I knew we would need some way to filter it down. The very earliest versions of the Student View in the new app had an Enrollment filter that allowed you to select the enrollments you'd be seeing data for, but it didn't provide any way to make that selection permanent. You had to do it and redo it on a student-by-student basis. It defaulted to showing only data for the most recent enrollment, and then provided a single button to show data for all enrollments, but it was pretty clunky. And many users never even noticed it was there in the first place.

Converting States to the New Desktop App

We've got a lot of projects underway here at MS/EdD, so moving forward with converting states to the new app is having to compete for attention.

Does anyone actually like "My Students"?

Way back when I first wrote the web app, I figured users would need some way to find groups of students, but I wasn't real sure what would work. Most states have some way to select a district or region in the upper right corner, but I thought something else might be needed. So I added the notion of All Students | My Students | My Schools. It looks like this:

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