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Service Checkboxes with a List of Students

In my last post I talked about KY's ability to enter services by just checking boxes. They also have this functionality for lists of students as well. I've talked about lists in several posts, but this one has links to all the others. So the support for entering a bunch of services for a list of students simultaneously is one we agonized over how to design so it was powerful to be useful but simple enough that lots of users would immediately understand how to use it without training. Here's what we came up with:

Entering Services with Checkboxes

Many states have been using the web app to allow providers to enter their own services and Kentucky was an early adopter of this. We've done a huge amount of refinement and dialing in on their system over the years. Some services require quite a bit of detail for each instance, like number of contacts or hours, or sometimes a comment. But there are lots of services that don't require any extra data beyond that the service was provided during a certain enrollment, by a certain person, on a certain date. So we've enhanced the Kentucky Services page to allow entering services like this by just checking a bunch of boxes and hitting Save. Here's what it looks like:

Course History and Assessment imports

Ten years ago when MSIX first went into production, I figured lots of states would want to begin importing data into MIS2000 for the express purpose of sending it on to MSIX, particularly Course History and Assessment data which isn't nearly as useful to the sending state as the receiving state, so many of them weren't doing a great job of collecting it. If you had told me then that I'd still be putting lots of effort into developing these import processes ten years later, I wouldn't have believed you, but it's true. I wanted to spend a blog post talking about the current state of this development and who is doing what. Early on, quite a few states had me develop simply, manual imports that they could run once in a while whenever they got data from wherever they could get it. I think I did some imports like this for Alaska and Kentucky and Lousiana and several others.

COE Approval in the New App

We're continuing to develop the new app at a steady pace, although we've been pretty bogged down lately working to bring new states on - more on that later. One of the big milestones for the new app that we recently reached was being able to support the full COE Approval process and the hardest part of that is doing the student search and resolution. Here's a look at Vermont's version of it:

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