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Improvements to Web Resources

We've blogged here about the Resources page in the MIS2000 web before but we've made some tweaks to it recently to make it a bit easy to use. The main use of the page is to serve as a secure area to exchange files with the schools and LEAs. It's particularly useful for files that aren't related to a specific Student or COE so you wouldn't want to attach them directly. Each folder can be restricted to individual users or groups of users and they can also be given upload capabilities or restricted to just download.

Collecting COE Verification Signature Stamps in the Web App

Many of you who are part of the COE Verification process in your state have saved your signature stamp in the system as part of your account so you don't have to actually physically sign each COE. We've now added support for managing your signature through the web app. Just click on the "Your Account" link at the top right of the web app and you'll be able to see and update your signature.

The New Tablet App Now Available To All States

We've completed getting the new tablet app developed for all the states who only collect COEs on their recruiter tablets and we're ready now to make the new app available to all states for their recruiters. I'll paste in a couple screenshots below to show the current state of work. If you'd like to get the new app for your state, just let us know and we'll get the development rolling. There are no extra charges involved whatsoever.

Welcome Kansas!

For some reason I just can't quite bring myself to welcome a state in the blog as soon as they sign on with us. I know there's just too much difficult work ahead of us to feel chipper. But after a couple months, once things are more or less going and things have calmed down a bit, my confidence buoys back up. We signed with Kansas back in August and it has been all-hands-on-deck ever since, especially with Arizona still settling in. But we've got them putting COEs in at this point, we've got their legacy data loaded, and we're working on getting their federal reporting and MSIX connectivity squared a way. There's still a lot of work left to do, but it's getting more calm.

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