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COE Pre-screening and Electronic COEs

Over the last couple of years, a few of our states have expressed interest in pre-screening families for eligibility before actually filling out a COE.   For these states, pre-screening families seemed useful when they were completing paper COEs and they wanted to move that pre-screening process into MIS2000 to work hand in hand with their electronic COEs.  In honor of the first state who requested this functionality (KY), we refer to this pre-screening data as the BIP (Basic Interview Pattern for Determining Eligibility).  Basically, the BIP is a short set of questions that can be used to help determine if a family is eligible for the Migrant Education Program.  The set of questions in the BIP is completely customizable to fit your needs and depending on the implementation, we can even create and transfer BIP data into a new COE if it is determined that the family is likely eligible! 

FIPS 140-2 Compliance

States that host their own MIS2000 Web systems often have special rules about security. We've designed MIS2000 to be able to accommodate pretty much any security policies the states may need to support. One of the more stringent security standards is the FIPS 140-2 specification that's used by the federal government although states are increasingly beginning to require it as well under certain conditions. The state of South Dakota has recently begun to enforce this policy and I'm pleased to say we've successfully made modifications to MIS2000 to support it.

Active Students Customization

The MIS2000 web search page has a check box for "Active Only".

Handling students who opt out of assessments

Like it or not, we must be prepared to handle students who have chosen to opt out of standardized testing. It's easy enough to simply not enter data for these students and that can work for a small student population. But if you have many students to deal with and you're collecting your assessment data manually, it can be difficult to know whether a student is missing assessment data because he opted out or it simply hasn't yet been added. This was the case in New York so we've added a new flag to their Assessments panel to indicate Opt-Out. Each individual test the student opted out of can still be added to the system because there are cases where students only opt out of a particular content area. When the Opt-Out flag is set, data requirements are relaxed for other fields like Score since there won't be any data for them. And finally, these assessment records are suppressed from being sent to MSIX since MSIX doesn't yet have a way to accommodate them.

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