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Student Lists in MIS2000 Web App

Lists are one of the newest features in the MIS2000 Web System and are still going through a lot of development. If you visit the Search page you'll see three tabs: "students", "coe", and "lists". Clicking on the lists tab will get you something like this:

COE Eligibility Panel Enhancements

Over the last few years, especially as more and more states have been taking advantage of the tablet system to collect electronic COEs, we have updated the COE Eligibility panels for several states to be much more in line with the National COE’s Qualifying Move & Work section.    The updated panel follows the numbering and wording on the paper COE and that even extends to the text in many of the drop down controls.   Even though this change has been primarily requested by states using the tablet system, it is a nice enhancement that might be appreciated by many MIS2000 users.    Below is a screen shot of the Kentucky COE Eligibility panel which was recently updated.   Please let us know if you’d like to consider making a similar update to your Eligibility panel and we’ll work through the details and make it happen.

Louisiana Needs Assessments in web app

Louisiana has become the second state to begin collecting their Needs Assessments through the web app. This gives personnel who are not carrying a full installation of MIS2000 to still be able to fill out a Needs Assessment for a student.

Secure file sharing with MIS2000

Sometimes you may need to share a document with a colleague, maybe a scan or a PDF, that has sensitive data. Sending this kind of document as an attachment in an email is a terrible plan. You should always regard everything sent in an email to be essentially visible to the world. You may have a secure email system, but unfortunately these can be very cumbersome to use.

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