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COE Work Item Notifications

We've had for a few years in MIS2000 the ability to send out emails to people about events that have happened in the system. The earliest example of this is the "COEs Needing Attention" email that looks like this:

Locking Enrollments by School Year

We've used a variety of methods over the years to control which users can edit which enrollments and so forth, but bringing Michigan on over the past year presented some challenges because they already had a lot of processes that worked well for them but weren't in line with anything we'd ever done in MIS2000. One of these was the ability to lock enrollments for an entire school year from editing by anyone. I'm always a little amazed when something like this comes up because I don't think anyone across all these years in all these states has ever asked for that. And yet it seems like something lots of folks would want.

Spiffy New Menu!

Some of you may have noticed our spiffy new menu in the web app that looks like this:

Controlling Available Enrollments in the Web App

States have varying needs about which Enrollments should be displayed on the Student page in the web app. There are states who show all enrollments for a student and states that only show the most recent enrollment for a student. Some states have altered which enrollments they display based upon the Role of the User. Just to make clear which part of the app I'm talking about, here's a screenshot:

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