Management Services for Education Data (MS/EdD) specializes in custom designed computer software to meet the special needs of educators and program managers as they serve their clientele. MSEdD is dedicated to providing the most efficient and effective education software available. MSEdD's custom designed software collects, stores, processes, and electronically transfers student Educational, Health and Social information using state-of-the-art technology. Today, MSEdD's migrant data base, MIS2000, is the leading data collection system used by migrant education in the US and its territories. The success of MIS2000 has led to the development of software applications using customized databases with electronic transfer capabilities for adult learning and special education.

MS/EdD evolved from the federal government's decision to close the National Migrant Student Record Transfer System, the only national education record system ever developed. The MSEdD directors recognized the need to create a company that would specialize in software development specifically designed to collect, store, process, and transfer student education, health, and social data using state-of-the-art technology. As a result, MIS2000 was developed for tracking required data for migrant students. Today, MSEdD's MIS2000 is the leading migrant MIS data system in the US and its territories. In addition to migrant education, MSEdD has developed or is in the process of developing software for areas such as ESL, LAS, Adult Education, Special Education, and Homeless Education data systems