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Draft COE Search Option Now Available

Our customers who work with the approval of electronic COEs have been familiar with the Draft COE view for some time.  This is the view where all COEs that have been submitted for approval are viewed and processed up until the time that they become fully approved.    Prior to now, users could scroll through all COEs which have a draft status, but outside of creating a report, there was no way to view all draft COEs at a glance.  The COE Search functionality on the Draft COE View now has a Draft COEs search capability.  This will show all the COEs in the system that have been submitted for approval along with their current owner, recruiter, and status.  This new functionality will go out with the next you receive so be looking for it !   

COE Search Scope

Most states have their MIS2000 web system configured so that authorized users can search for COEs based upon their current status in the COE Review process. For example, Maine COE search looks like this:

"My Students" in the web app

I've recently made some changes to the way "My Students" works in the web app, so it seemed like a good time to explain this mysterious bit of functionality. The Search page in the web app can be restricted to show results for "All Students" or "My Students". It looks like this:

Snapshot Operations

This feature allows you to archive or "freeze" your data. The archived data is saved separately from your production database. Changes made to your production data will not apply to the archive. 

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