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Handling students who opt out of assessments

Like it or not, we must be prepared to handle students who have chosen to opt out of standardized testing. It's easy enough to simply not enter data for these students and that can work for a small student population. But if you have many students to deal with and you're collecting your assessment data manually, it can be difficult to know whether a student is missing assessment data because he opted out or it simply hasn't yet been added. This was the case in New York so we've added a new flag to their Assessments panel to indicate Opt-Out. Each individual test the student opted out of can still be added to the system because there are cases where students only opt out of a particular content area. When the Opt-Out flag is set, data requirements are relaxed for other fields like Score since there won't be any data for them. And finally, these assessment records are suppressed from being sent to MSIX since MSIX doesn't yet have a way to accommodate them.

Archiving COE data with Snapshots

One of the reasons that we started the MS/EdD blog was to be able to share information about enhancements and features of MIS2000 with our users which they might not otherwise know are available.    For this blog entry, I’d like to talk about COE Snapshots.   COE snapshots are a relatively new enhancement to MIS2000 which can be enabled for states using electronic COEs.   A COE snapshot is a snapshot of a COE, in the form of a pdf,  which is taken at the time that a COE becomes approved.   This snapshot is permanently stored with the COE and will always reflect the state of the COE at the time of approval, even if some of that data is altered at a future point time.  These snapshots can be displayed from within MIS2000 and can be printed or saved if desired. 

Custom state security agreements

As states have begun to adopt more coordinated efforts to secure their online systems, we've added support in MIS2000 for every web user to periodically be shown a security agreement customized for each state. States can control how often users see the agreement and users are not allowed to go forward into any of the system functionality until they've agreed to it. So far only a couple of states have begun to use this part of the system, but I think it will become increasingly important in the future. Here's an example of what Arkansas' looks like:

Pop-up definitions for Services

Now that many states are allowing service providers to enter their services directly via the MIS2000 Web App, it's more important than ever for them to be able to have access to clear definitions for the kind of service in the drop down. Several MIS2000 states now have the ability to enter their own definition text to be shown in a flyover whenever a web user hovers the mouse over a particular service. Here's what it looks like:

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