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Field Level Change Logging

I know over the years I've found myself occasionally saying, "With more digging, I think I could work out exactly..." This usually arises after I've been asked to figure out how a student or a COE got to be the way it is. For all of the desktop and tablet machines that periodically upload, we've always had very good evidence left around about who changed what when in the form of transaction files. Everything that came in from the field could only come in through these files, so whatever happened had to be contained in them somehow. It often took a good bit of digging, but we could pinpoint exactly what happened. But for changes made directly on the state system, we couldn't depend on this mechanism since the state doesn't upload to itself. But at the state level, we always had good backups that we could rely on to let us see when things changed, and since there are very few people who have direct access to the state, we could usually work out what happened ...

Using COEs as Student Lists

This is another suggestion that came to us from Adrian Martinez in Indiana. He wanted a way to add Services for all the students on a COE. It had never struck me before, but every COE is essentially itself a list of students, so why not just expose all the functionality we currently have for Student Lists for COEs? Kind of obvious but I'd never considered it before. If you want some more blog posts on the evolution of Student Lists over the past few years, look here and here.

Autologout Completely Rewritten

I'm not even going to dig back through my old blog posts to see what I've written about autologout in the past. Suffice it to say it has never worked well and I've been hating it as long as anyone else. It just had all sorts of issues. So a few weeks ago I buckled down and completely rewrote the whole thing from scratch. And I think it's going to be much, much better now. Basically, just about anything counts as "activity" now. If you type anything into the page or move your mouse over it in any way, it will recognize that you're there and keep your connection to the server alive.

Added Preferred ID to Student List Export

Last fall I blogged about having introduced an export for your Student Lists here. So now whenever you do the export, you'll see the Student ID as the leftmost column:

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