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Author: Jeff Gaiche

Archiving COE data with Snapshots

One of the reasons that we started the MS/EdD blog was to be able to share information about enhancements and features of MIS2000 with our users which they might not otherwise know are available.    For this blog entry, I’d like to talk about COE Snapshots.   COE snapshots are a relatively new enhancement to MIS2000 which can be enabled for states using electronic COEs.   A COE snapshot is a snapshot of a COE, in the form of a pdf,  which is taken at the time that a COE becomes approved.   This snapshot is permanently stored with the COE and will always reflect the state of the COE at the time of approval, even if some of that data is altered at a future point time.  These snapshots can be displayed from within MIS2000 and can be printed or saved if desired. 

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