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Author: Jeff Gaiche

Recently Approved COE Search Option Now Available

Occasionally, we hear from customers who want to know how to identify COEs which have recently been approved.  There are several options that can be used to do this and we have developed a few customized reports to meet specific needs, but there is one approach that everyone has which couldn't be easier to use.   I'm referring to the Recently Approved tab on the COE search dialog on the COE view.  There is a single search criteria on this tab, the date from which you'd like to see COEs that have been approved.   Once you've chosen a date and executed the search, you'll see a list of COEs that have been approved on or after that date along with a bit of information about the COE such as recruiter, approver, approval date, etc.  Each line in the search results is clickable so that you can view the COE in detail.  Give it a try and see how it works for you ! 

Draft COE Search Option Now Available

Our customers who work with the approval of electronic COEs have been familiar with the Draft COE view for some time.  This is the view where all COEs that have been submitted for approval are viewed and processed up until the time that they become fully approved.    Prior to now, users could scroll through all COEs which have a draft status, but outside of creating a report, there was no way to view all draft COEs at a glance.  The COE Search functionality on the Draft COE View now has a Draft COEs search capability.  This will show all the COEs in the system that have been submitted for approval along with their current owner, recruiter, and status.  This new functionality will go out with the next you receive so be looking for it !   

COE Eligibility Panel Enhancements

Over the last few years, especially as more and more states have been taking advantage of the tablet system to collect electronic COEs, we have updated the COE Eligibility panels for several states to be much more in line with the National COE’s Qualifying Move & Work section.    The updated panel follows the numbering and wording on the paper COE and that even extends to the text in many of the drop down controls.   Even though this change has been primarily requested by states using the tablet system, it is a nice enhancement that might be appreciated by many MIS2000 users.    Below is a screen shot of the Kentucky COE Eligibility panel which was recently updated.   Please let us know if you’d like to consider making a similar update to your Eligibility panel and we’ll work through the details and make it happen.

COE Pre-screening and Electronic COEs

Over the last couple of years, a few of our states have expressed interest in pre-screening families for eligibility before actually filling out a COE.   For these states, pre-screening families seemed useful when they were completing paper COEs and they wanted to move that pre-screening process into MIS2000 to work hand in hand with their electronic COEs.  In honor of the first state who requested this functionality (KY), we refer to this pre-screening data as the BIP (Basic Interview Pattern for Determining Eligibility).  Basically, the BIP is a short set of questions that can be used to help determine if a family is eligible for the Migrant Education Program.  The set of questions in the BIP is completely customizable to fit your needs and depending on the implementation, we can even create and transfer BIP data into a new COE if it is determined that the family is likely eligible! 

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