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Author: Jeff Gaiche

Upcoming Change to Auto End of Eligibility(EOE) Calculation

This blog is intended to share an upcoming change to EOE calculations when QAD has been used as the basis of EOE.  EOE is generally calculated as QAD + 3 years or when a student turns 22, whichever comes first.  Some states have chosed to have MIS2000 automatically calculate EOE for enrollments and this functionality has been in place and unchanged for quite a few years now.  Recently, it was brought to our attention that the QAD + 3 year calculation was off by 1 day.   If the QAD is being used to determine EOE, then the EOE date should be 1 less than 3 years.  For example, given a QAD of 9/1/2016, the EOE would be 8/31/2019.   The calculation logic has been updated to fix this issue and that will begin rolling out with subsequent releases.    We feel like this is a good change and so we are rolling it out to all of our states.  If you would prefer not to receive this minor change, please contact us and we will revert that cha ...

Student and COE Delete Notifications Now Available

MIS2000 has had student and COE delete management functionality in place for years now where deletes made by regional sites are approved or rejected.  Up until now; however, users authorized to do the approvals would just have to check from time to time to see if any deletes were waiting for approval.   After the next release, those users will start receiving emails announcing that deletes are waiting.  These emails will be generated once daily as part of our housekeeping processes that generally run during the evening hours.  Some users may need to have email addresses configured in the system, but we will address those as they come up.   Enjoy !!  

New feature alert: Exporting to csv from data grids !

MIS2000 provides a lot of ways for our users to get at their data and as of today, you can add one more option to that tool box.  With your next release, you will have the ability to export data to a csv file directly from a data grid !   This will primarily be useful within the context of the code table editor, where you may want to export your facilities or supplemental programs, or data from any of the other code tables displayed in the editor.   To access this new feature, simply right-click on a data grid and choose "Export to CSV...".   Once you choose a location and file name, your data will be saved and you'll be able to work with that csv file in Excel or whatever your favorite editor may be.  Enjoy !

Incomplete COEs Search Option Now Available

Awhile back, we added a search option to the Draft COE view that gave users the ability to easily see COEs that are in the approval queue but not yet fully approved.   This was a great way for users to get a feel for the state of things and to also spot COEs that, for one reason or another, might not be advancing.   Today, we have extended that functionality to the Main COE view with a new "Incomplete COEs" search option.   Like it's companion in the Draft COE view, it will give users a good view of the overall state of incomplete COEs which have either not been yet submitted for review or have been rejected back to the originator. Like the other search options, each line in the search results is clickable so that you can view a selected COE in detail.   This feature will start going out in new releases as of 11/30.   Check it out and let us know how it works for you !

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