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Author: Kevin Donn

Secure file sharing with MIS2000

Sometimes you may need to share a document with a colleague, maybe a scan or a PDF, that has sensitive data. Sending this kind of document as an attachment in an email is a terrible plan. You should always regard everything sent in an email to be essentially visible to the world. You may have a secure email system, but unfortunately these can be very cumbersome to use.

Uploading supporting documentation

MIS2000 has allowed users to scan documents into the system for a long time, but that's not as practical with web users like service providers who will be more likely to have their supporting documentation as PDFs or Excel files. So several states have asked us to give them a way for web users to upload documentation. For different states we've allowed these documents to be uploaded against Services/Supplemental Program records, Needs Assessments, or just against the Student record itself. It really just depends on how each state needs to have their documentation organized and accessible. You can see an example of how Maine allows documents to be uploaded against the Student record by clicking here.

FIPS 140-2 Compliance

States that host their own MIS2000 Web systems often have special rules about security. We've designed MIS2000 to be able to accommodate pretty much any security policies the states may need to support. One of the more stringent security standards is the FIPS 140-2 specification that's used by the federal government although states are increasingly beginning to require it as well under certain conditions. The state of South Dakota has recently begun to enforce this policy and I'm pleased to say we've successfully made modifications to MIS2000 to support it.

Active Students Customization

The MIS2000 web search page has a check box for "Active Only".

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