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Converting States to the New Desktop App

We've got a lot of projects underway here at MS/EdD, so moving forward with converting states to the new app is having to compete for attention. If you're not familiar with the new app, here's the latest blog post that I wrote about it: COE Approval in the New App. But it looks like Vermont is the first state to be fully moved off the old app and onto the new one. I wish we had a decent way to let states play with a demo of the new app, but it's just not as easy to do as the web app. If you visit our booth at the NASDME conference, we can let you get some hands on time. But it's pretty easy for us to just do one for your state anyway if you want to play. Here's what Vermont's looks like with demo data:

We're currently working with AR, MN, NH, SC, and AL to get them fully settled into the new app as well. If you'd like to get on the list, let us know.

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